The Latvian Society of Restorers is delighted to follow Baltic States conservators’ traditions and to organize the 13th Baltic States Restorers’ Triennial meeting, what will be held in Riga, Latvia, May 16 – 19, 2023.

The world of restoration still is full of discoveries and challenges. Every year, every month, day and hour, our technological opportunities are developing, knowledge, skills and experience are improving. It is the responsibility of restorers to choose the best, more suitable, sustainable methods, materials and solutions from the wide range of offers and opportunities.

Despite the fact that the last few years have been particularly difficult and challenging, we have continued our mission to preserve our cultural heritage. Impressive work has been done in order to preserve, restore and explore the heritage.

The accumulated knowledge and experience has created the necessity and opportunity to assess the consequences of previous restoration and conservation processes, the application of certain materials, as well as whether the work has provided the planned results and ensured the successful preservation of the object.

You will definitely find many insights, discoveries and achievements to share at the 13th Baltic Restoration Triennial “Change, Challenges and Achievements”.

In the Triennial 2023 we will keep focus to:

Looking forward to see you in Riga!